Have Some NOODLES While You Play The Game of LIFE!

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We all are screwed until death. Some of us are just more screwed than the others, but no one is perfect. Life has dwelled on this planet for a long time, yet no one has been able to find the formula of a perfect life.

It has remained enigmatic since the beginning of time. Many philosophers have lost their life while pondering over the matter. There are many religious and none religious philosophies that guide the subject of life. Yet, no one has been able to devise a formula that could capture the affirmation of all humanity.

To a majority of us, a person who earns well, who has good education, has figured out the formula of a perfect life. We would idealize him in our daily life, especially in our youth days. When we are working monotonously to making a living.

We will speculate and devise techniques to follow the life course of this iconic character so that we can be as successful as him.

We all have made this mistake at some stage in our life. This is something natural as humans learn by imitation.

And while going on that road we have learned that the game of life is different for each one of us. While some of us learned on the first stumble whereas some were more resilient than the other. However, one thing is for sure, if we want to get better at this game we must use our own intellect.

Maybe that is why no matter what color of the skin we have or from what culture we belong to, we all have been bestowed with the ability to think.

For many of us, our first heroes are our parents. They are the embodiment of perfection. And yet as the child grows he absorbs that their parents are still trying to learn different phenomena of life. We aspect a little too much from them.
Let’s see it their first-time parenting as well. They are learning as they ruin us~(a joke).

Therefore, it can be observed that generally the things that were forbidden for the eldest child or the things for which the eldest had to take a stand, these particular demands were quite easily accepted by the time of the youngest.

You weren’t allowed to buy a guitar because it will affect your grades. However, by the time of the youngest sibling, the guitar was not just happily bought but also encouraged to be played.

Adults and children both need to understand that the game of life is enigmatic for everyone. There are only a few things that can help us enjoy this game.

In the race of making this game perfect or to win this game, we seem to suck out the fun as well. It is only by listening to one another we can make life easier. Listening and then pondering over the subject.

The majority of us don’t seem to be listening and the rest of us simply listening from one ear and let it pass through the other ear. Let me share a pun here I make among my friends.

God is so great for he created two ears on either side of the head so that humans may listen with both ears and access the knowledge. What God completely forget was that humans are selfish and creative creatures. For they use one ear to listen, analysis if the knowledge is any selfishly beneficial to him otherwise simply let it pass through the channel and into the air through the other ear.

As a human, we all must learn the habit of listening. For listing leads to creating moments and solving problems eventually. Finding the best possible solution. Listening is one of the secret ingredients kind of like noodles to have while you are playing a very interesting and enigmatic card game-life. And who doesn’t like noodles?




Wander here while looking for a place to walk with my journal. Literature student, half time lives on the other planet. Loves debating and overthinking.

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Batool Fatima

Batool Fatima

Wander here while looking for a place to walk with my journal. Literature student, half time lives on the other planet. Loves debating and overthinking.

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